San Mateo Daily Journal story

The San Mateo Daily Journal came out with a story today that essentially mirrored the one that the Palo Alto Daily Post ran a couple of weeks ago. Four candidates running for two seats, etc, etc.

My quote is apt: ‘If they [the voters] continue to bring back the people who have been there, I think the district needs to be taken over by the county.’

I’m referring mainly to Ed Larenas, the incumbent running for re-election. Larenas has allied himself with Sabrina Brennan in behaving badly, not showing up to meetings, and refusing to vote in the rare times he does show up.

Now he has the gall to say the commission has done some good work. No thanks to you, buddy!

The San Mateo Harbor District serves a valuable purpose but it must be managed properly by its commissioners. Larenas has shown he doesn’t know how to manage. I have the experience and I will show up to the meetings!

Second on the ballot . . . your first choice. Sepi Richardson for Harbor Commission.

Here’s the story:

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