Your Harbor Commissioner

Water Agency Director / Mayor / Harbor Advocate / Business Owner / Financial Consultant / Recreational Fisher and Boater

I have been a San Mateo County resident and Harbor Advocate for 31 years. I have served as Brisbane Mayor/City Councilmember for 15 years. During my terms, I brought my professional experience in finance, a track record of leadership, fiscal responsibility, and common-sense solutions to the elected office.

Since 1986, I have owned a financial consulting business dedicated to helping schools effectively manage their resources, bringing stability and good governance. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology.

My extensive finance background has been an asset during challenging economic times. I developed balanced budgets that explored untapped revenue sources, reduced personnel and operating expenses while still funding programs that reflected the needs and values of our community. To address Brisbane’s long-term infrastructure needs, successfully placed two measures on the ballot that successfully passed. These were example of our efforts to generate revenues without increasing the burden on our residents.

Currently, I serve as Chair of the San Mateo County Civil Service Commission and as a Director on the Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency for nine Bay Area Counties. As a member of the San Mateo County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), I have audited public agencies for efficiency to improve operations.

I am running for the San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner to look at important issues like ferry transportation to ease traffic congestion, keeping the district’s finances healthy, and ensuring good government at the most basic level, dedicating any amount of time needed to be your Harbor Commissioner.

I will use my financial expertise and problem solving skills to serve the needs of the San Mateo County Harbor District and our communities. We are facing important choices that will have a profound impact in our communities. I will work to expand citizen input and participation. I will safeguard our open space, recreational and business activities.

The Harbor District performs important functions in our County. Yet, hardly anybody knows about their importance, functions and the vital services they provide. I want to help change the perceptions people might have and work toward engaging the citizens so that they can realize the treasure they have in their communities.

Pillar Point Harbor, Oyster Point Marina/Park, our coastal, and open spaces are some of our County’s gems. These resources create recreational and commercial activities that benefit us. I want to protect and preserve them so that we continue enjoying the quality of life we deserve.
I ask for your vote and your support to Committee to Elect Sepi Richardson, FPPC ID #1411382. Please feel free to contact me at 415-467-6409, or at my email: electsepi2018@gmail.com.


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