My Goals



Your Harbor Commissioner

Water Agency Director / Mayor / Harbor Advocate / Business Owner / Financial Consultant / Recreational Fisher and Boater


Provide financial management and oversight:  Use my business and professional financial background to manage the public’s money responsibly, ensure that resources are used wisely, and develop a comprehensive budget, a plan to pay down pension liabilities, and a results-oriented strategic plan to focus the harbor board on doing the harbor district’s business. 

Promote balanced economic development and environmental stewardship:  by increasing recreational and commercial activities for fishing; supporting water transportation as an alternative transportation mode and water rescue as an essential service; promoting clean-water initiatives at Pillar Point Harbor, Oyster Point Marina/Park; and protecting open space along both of our County’s coasts for a high standard of quality of life.

Bring experienced leadership:  Water agency director of the Bay Area Water Quality… and former Brisbane Mayor and councilwoman for 16 years, I will provide effective and stabilizing leadership and be prepared to serve the 780,000 San Mateo County residents by respectfully communicating with and managing staff; working collaboratively to set goals, reaching out to the community, and reducing legal claims.


I will use my financial expertise and problem solving skills to serve the needs of the San Mateo County Harbor District and our communities. We are facing important choices that will have a profound impact in our communities. I will work to:

  • Expand citizen input and participation

  • Safeguard our open space

  • Improve our recreational and business activities

  • Keep our coast free of offshore drilling

  • I would want to ensure that the Harbor District has a Strategic Plan that defines its vision, missions, goals, and priorities. The Harbor district must clarify its direction in response to a changing environment.

  • I want to be part of an exemplary leadership team that provides the direction, innovation, service and achievement for the next 50 years of the San Mateo County Harbor District.

The Harbor District performs important functions for our County. Yet hardly anybody knows about them. I want to help change people’s perceptions and work toward engaging the citizens so that they can realize the treasure they have in their communities.

Pillar Point Harbor, Oyster Point Marina/Park, our coastal, and open spaces are some of our County’s gems. These resources create recreational and commercial activities that benefit us. I want to protect and preserve them so that we continue enjoying the quality of life we deserve.

I ask for your vote and your support to Committee to Elect Sepi Richardson, FPPC ID #1411382. Please feel free to contact me at 415-467-6409, or at my email:


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